Year End Ceremonies

Congratulations to all our Students and Staff for working hard and making this a fantastic school year! We had a wonderful celebration of achievements last night.

Dramatic Teens

Our drama class put on a wonderful production titled “How I Met the New Kid” this troupe of 6 teens and a very energetic drama teacher wrote, directed and performed this entertaining play for our enjoyment

Our Kindergartners

Our Kindergartners were lively and adorable as usual and full of excitement and enthusiasm to move up to grade 1 next year, although they will all miss their kinder teacher Ms. Shelley very much and will look forward to visits and hugs from her I am sure :-).

Alex Jackson Graduation

We had several students who have achieved their Grade 12 completions as well as graduations!!! Here is Alex Jackson receiving his High School Diploma from our Principal Michael Cranley.  Congratulations Alex!!! Well done!!

We of course thank our wacky Board of Directors for all their help and guidance through the year!

A Few of our Phoenix Board of Directors
Our Staff

Our staff of teachers, instructors and administration work so hard and so seamlessly that sometimes they make it appear effortless!! And if they can’t make it effortless they  at least make it amusing!! You all ROCK!!

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