The Squawk: Podcast#5-How We Got Started Homeschooling

The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

Jill Mann and I will be doing an regular audio cast about the flappings at Phoenix! We plan to keep you amazed, updated and hopefully chuckling over your morning cup of java! (We decided to do an audio cast so that we didn’t need to worry about our hair!)


  • Wing Feathers – Acknowledgements
  • Nest News – Updates about our amazing building
  • What’s Hatching – New activities, events
  • Glance back through the Tail Feathers – Reporting on events and activities
  • Good Egg, Bad Egg – Resource Reviews
  • Flown the Coup – Those leaving the Nest
  • Beak Off – Complaints
  • From the Ashes – Things we are bringing back
  • Fledgling Funnies – Goofy things the Students at Phoenix have said or done
  • Bird Brains – Famous homeschoolers


AUDIOCAST 5: How We Got Started Homeschooling

Welcome to Squawk – a podcast about homeschooling at the Phoenix Foundation in Calgary!

Title: #5 – How We Got Started
Date: August 23, 2012 Length: 23:29 mins

This show features guest, Rion Sillito – Phoenix Board member.

1. Wing Feathers – Partner: MacCon Security
2. Nest News – Library Floor, Pre-school carpet
3. What’s Hatching – Kinder Orientation – Aug 30
– Creation Studio open Sept 18
4. Through Tailfeathers – where we were one year ago
5. Good Egg, Bad Egg – Handwriting without tears
6. Flown the Coup – Allison Lane and Estee Lister
7. Bird Brains – Gabby Douglas – Olympian Homeschooler
8. Under Our Wing – Sept 13: Learning Styles
– Sept 27: AD/HD Strategies

Click below to hear the podcast now!


  1. Hi Tamara!
    Thanks for the great feedback! I am happy we could share some lighthearted reflections of our own journey of homeschooling. We all have good days…and bad days…..just try and laugh everyday!! My family and I are entering into our 12yr homeschooling! And don’t let anyone scare ya off of homeschooling as kids get older….teenagers are a blast!

  2. I am a fan of your podcasts! It is wonderful to not just read about, but hear the passion you all have for homeschooling. My 11 year old son and I are beginning our first full year with Phoenix, and I really enjoyed hearing your stories about your beginnings in homeschooling. It is intimidating starting out, so very reassuring to hear all these positive stories! Thank you for the smiles. : )

  3. I think the music adds a lot too! Hey, this is a learning experience for all of us . . . we are after all, homeschoolers and believe in lifelong learning, non?

    We invite listener feedback! Tell us what you think of our AUDIOCAST!

  4. Ack! I KNOW that anyone with any digital art experience would have done a million times better!!! But I did the best I could :-).

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