Phoenix Parents in Profile: Julie

Julie has a son in Grade Five. He has some special needs, and Julie found neither public nor private schools worked for Kenny. She did lots of online research, toured Phoenix, talked to the staff, and decided the special classes and workshops would be perfect for Kenny’s preferred way of learning.

“Kenny is very hands-on. He loves baking, and any kind of art – drama, guitar, painting, building crafts.

“Phoenix has lots of unique programs that I can pick and choose. There are resources I just can’t always have at home. I love the way the Creation Studio incorporates their theme into traditional subjects like math or science. So if the theme is space, the math assignment relates to space somehow.

“I find the classes and workshops offer a chance to socialize, without any negative peer pressure. I get quick access to help and advice from staff, and more immediate feedback on Kenny’s progress than I’d get in a traditional school setting.

“Phoenix parents seem more involved in their kids’ learning. It’s nice to come to the school because you want to, instead of because you have to deal with some behavioural or learning issue.”


  1. I remember when Megan participated in the Phoenix Kindergarten program . . . and now she’s almost done Junior High . . . wow time sure does fly. She has participated in some really wonderful classes over the years. . . exciting science classes, great art projects and loads of giggles! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

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