We are building castles and so much more for the Medieval

Hey Gang!!

Your Chop Shop Monkeys are working hard getting the next Creation Studio Theme up and running!! We are getting so excited!!! This is our last week to finish it up and we are thinking this one could be our favorite yet…..yup…..even better than Oceans, which has so far held our love!! I am posting a few sneak peek pictures just to tease you all ;-).  Be sure to check out the program guide and get your registrations in so the kids can enjoy every chance they can get to enjoy this theme.

Your Medieval journey begins in our Grand Tournament area…where our knights can show off their skills!


Next you can join the Lord and Lady in their Great Hall just beyond the castle walls, warm yourself beside the massive fireplace…


Finally, you will hopefully manage to avoid a torturous visit to our Dungeon!! All ye’ who enter here shall be taught a lesson!!!


What fun this is going to be!!! We can’t wait for everyone to visit our Creation Studio!!


Your Chop Shop Crew!!!

One comment

  1. Looks amazing! Kudos for a great job and hard work. I am sure the kids (and grown-ups) will love it!

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