Pirates are only here for a little while longer!

Catch’em before they’re gone!

And check out my tiny movie clip….I was playing with an iphone app called “my action Movie” 🙂

Jill Mann

******************************************Classes for October 18

Morning – 9:30 AM – 12:00 NOON

Growing up Viking – FULL DAY – Who were the Vikings? Were they fierce warriors feared by others or were they gentle farmers. Find out what it was like to grow up as a young child in a Viking village. Study this unique community in the past. Great prep for our upcoming feast! (Bring your lunch.) Grade: 1-2 Applies: Social: Comm. In the Past Fee: $62.50 ($50.00 for Phoenix Kids!!)

Viking Raiders – FULL DAY – Learn all about these fearsome pirates of the past! Study how they lived, what they wore, what they ate and then create some items to take to the feast and wear at the event! (Bring your lunch.)

Grade: 3-4 , Applies: Gen. Int and Language Arts , Fee: $62.50 ($50.00 for Phoenix Kids!!)

Vile Vikings – FULL DAY – We tend to think of them as vile, vicious and scary people but the Norse people were also explorers, warriors, merchants, and pirates who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe, Asia and Canada. Find out more! And get ready for the FEAST! Grade: 5-6 (Bring your lunch.) , Applies: Histories and Stories of Canada , Fee: $62.50 ($50.00 for Phoenix Kids!!)

Please register online at: https://phoenixfoundation.ca/hatching-now/


FEAST for October 20

Noon- 2:00 PM

Join the vile Vikings for some food, fun and fair! There will be a pirate feast followed by games and activities. Open to everyone – be sure to bring your grandparents!!

Fee: $10.00 per person

Please register online at: https://phoenixfoundation.ca/hatching-now/



Diana Stinn

Location: Phoenix Foundation

320 19 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2E 6J6


Open Tuesday to Friday 9-4 PM



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