Squawkcast: Ep.29 – Minecraft Review

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a half hour of fun and giggles as they chat about homeschooling, their personal experiences and what is happening at the Phoenix Foundation. Warning: Watch your coffee cup . . . spontaneous bouts of laughter may occur!

Date: April 29, 2014
Time: 34 minutes

Show Notes:

1. Nest News – Creation Studio update
2. What’s Hatching
1. How classes for next year work
2. Curriculum redesign in Alberta
3. CBE funding rumour (Ours is staying the same for parents!)
4. Calgary Library workshops, open house dates (May 9 at Phoenix!), High School evening (May 20 th at 5:30 PM) and our anniversary – May 27th. Come join us!
3. Glance Back Through the Tailfeathers – Feast was Fab, Review of magazine “Canada’s Education”
4. Good Egg, Bad Egg – Minecrafthomeschool.com
5. Under Our Wing – Relax and get outside!

Thanks for listening!!  Got a show idea? Please email us at info@phoenixfoundation.ca

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