Squawkcast: Ep. 30 – Happy Hatching!

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of coffee and a few chuckles! We will discuss homeschooling, events at Phoenix and sooooo much more.

Date: May 23, 2014
Time: 27 minutes


Show Notes:

1. Wing Feather – Thanks to our new donors for the room and the staff mirco loan program.

Join us for our HATCHING on May 27 at noon!

2. Nest News – Flower box and clean up, Mentor program (Want more info on this, contact your Learning Coach),

3. What’s Hatching – Hatching (May 27), Year End (June 14), CTV (June 3), Egyptian Feast (June 14)

4. Back Thru the Tail Feathers – We started from a questions . . . if we could design the best homeschool support system, what would that look like . . . well, it would look like Phoenix!

Teen Program Guide is now out for 2014-2015.

5. Under Our Wing – Blood or Sweat and Tears? And . . . . HAPPINESS

Thanks for spendng time with us! http://www.phoenixfoundation.ca

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