Squawkcast: Ep. 49 – Stampede Fun

Join your hosts Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of coffee and some discussion about what is happening at Phoenix, some listener questions and  who won our chili Cook-off. (We apologize for Jill’s lack of sound on this podcast episode. We are exploring a new set up for next week!)

In celebration of the Stampede
In celebration of the Stampede

Ep. 49 – Stampede Fun

  • Date: July 10, 2015
  • Time: 17 minutes
  • Coffee: Iced Bird Brain

Listen NOW: 

Show Notes:

  1. Introductions – Welcome – to get your Phoenix Coffee, see the front desk or send us an email! (info@phoenixfoundation.ca)
  2. Wing Feathers – Jessica Poutinin, Ummell and Dumlo Families, Mike Hannigan – THANK YOU!
  3. Nest News – (1) Building is being painted!, (2) Polynesia is coming along, (3) community garden, (4) Chili Cook-Off – WINNER: Experience Martial Arts – http://experiencemartialarts.ca
  4. What’s Hatching – (1) Tooti-Fruiti – July 22 at Noon, summer fruits and pie eating contest. (2) Don’t forget about #IamLearning (www.Iamindependent.com)- send us photo and get a T-shirt!  (3) You can now download the teen program guide – lots of cool classes. (4) There are only 3 kinder spots left, 16 school-directed and 4 HE spots left at Phoenix for next year. Come see us July 20th to register!
  5. Flown the Coup – Goodbye to Qui, our practicum student. Thank you for all your help!
  6. Under Our Wing – (1) Listener question regarding travel (2) Listener question regarding getting started (3) Closed July 13-17. Will re-open July 20th.

This is Jill Mann and Diana Stinn wishing you a Yahoo of a week! Thanks for listening.

Two of the nuts that started Phoenix!
Two of the nuts that started Phoenix!


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