Squawkcast: Ep. 50 – ABCs

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of coffee and a chat about homeschooling in the province of Alberta. Today we will chat about anxiety, basics, children, don’t believe the stereotype and evidence. WARNING: Lots of laughter!

Ep. 50  – ABCs

  • Date: July 20, 2015
  • Time: 18:27 minutes
  • Coffee: Bird Brain, Medium – Available at Phoenix for $14.95 a bag!

Listen NOW:  

Show Notes:

  1. Introductions – Welcome – to get your Phoenix Coffee, see the front desk or send us an email! (info@phoenixfoundation.ca)
  2. Bird Brain – Phone call this AM
  3. Nest News – Garden explosion
  4. Under Our Wing – (1) Anxiety (2) Basic rights and Responsibilities – Home Ed Regulations (3) Children (4) Don’t Believe the Stereotypes (5) Evidence of Learning
  5. What’s Hatching – Tooti-Fruiti Event. Next one is August 12 – I Scream for Ice-cream.

This is Jill Mann and Diana Stinn wishing you a tooth-fruiti week! Thanks for listening.


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