Squawk cast Ep. 54: Giving Tuesday

Join your hosts Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of Phoenix Folk Off Decaf coffee as they give it up for giving Tuesday, homeschooling over the holidays, Ab Ed visit and more.

Ep. 54 – Giving Tuesday!

Date: Dec. 2,  2015

Show Notes:

Introductions – Welcome its Giving Tuesday

Nest News — (1) Bins (2) Birdie Bits

Under Our Wing – (2) Giving Tuesday – Christmas Hampers (2) New Homeschool group and diversity (3) Homeschooling over Holidays

Good Egg, Bad Egg – Alberta Education visit Dec. 15

Beak Off – “You’re Awesome”

What’s Hatching – (1) Mental Health First aid – Feb 29/March 4 – $25.00  (2) Dr. Donsky (3) Feast – Dec. 11 – Register!

Close – Ok, from Jill Mann and Diana Stinn, we wish you a FANNEL TOGA week!

Show notes can be found at Phoenixfoundation.ca   You can email comments about this podcast to info@phoenixfoundation.ca

Diana Stinn is our producer and does the editing. Apple provides the music and Aubrey does that deep voiced intro and close!  Thanks very much for listening.

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