Nontraditional Places to get Work Done.

What a nice day we had at Phoenix today! The sun was out, the kids were having fun…it’s all good!

This was one of those great days to homeschool as well as work at Phoenix, we were all getting things done, just not necessarily in a traditional way or place.

In preparation of our teen outdoor cooking class we needed to set up a nice set of coals in the chimnea, so one of our teens generously offered to tend the fire and supervise the area while he did his math.Math outside by the fire

Later, when he had a fitness class, I came out to supervise and keep the little blaze a glowing . I took that opportunity to take a break from painting and work on my laptop on next years program guide outside in the fresh air. program guide by the fire

Not everyone was working outside today, Diana was in her office hard at work on next years Program guide as well. I think I had the best office space today 🙂 . Program guide at desk

We are working very hard to get the entire next years guide out and published within a few weeks! Won’t that be fantastic! We can all plan and know what we are doing for the year, I know that will help me in the Creation Studio, as well as a mom scheduling my son’s year!

Some of our kids were testing some of their creations from the class Mechanical Systems in the Creation Studio, I think their robot car ROCKS! They built it from Lego Mind-storms and program it on the computer, such smart and creative kids!

testing things that move today




Mmmm back outside for outdoor cooking class! I think this was a hit! The teens learned to grill and BBQ as well as how to cook over the coals in the little chimnea…and best of all….I got snacks!! They grilled pizzas, corn on the cob with chili, lime butter, and grilled bananas! The corn was amazing!

outdoor cooking class

I thought this was a great day, everyone was so productive and yet not always in a traditional place while learning or working in a traditional way. If your child wants to finish their math or language arts work in the back yard, or under the dining room table with a blanket fort, who cares! Let it happen, the work is still getting done and if it adds a little fun to the moment, all the better!

As we are all wrapping up our year, it is a great time to remember that although many take summer off from “traditional” lessons, there are so many unexpected opportunities to learn new things. Drink it all in!

Jill Mann

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  1. Great post, Jill! Learning in a non-traditional environment has great benefits . . . just ask JK Rowling who write the best selling series HARRY POTTER from a coffee shop!

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