Squawkcast: Episode 23: Happy New Year!

Date: Jan. 8/14
Title: Happy New Year
Time: 25:10 minutes

Listen here:  

Join Diana Stinn and Jill Mann for a coffee or a bubble bath and share some funny homeschooling moments.

Wing Feathers: Thank you to Ron Gilbert for some jig saws and to all who participated in the Purdies Fundraiser.

Nest News: Gym repainted and new mural – Thank you John and Jill Mann, Cityscape in Library, new floor in library – thank you Sandie and Sherry!

What’s Hatching:

  • Jan 16 – Apps for Education
  • Jan 21 – China OPens
  • Jan 22/23 – Alberta Education in
  • Jan 31 – Taste of China

Glance back through the Tail Feathers: 2013 remembered

Beak Off: Provincial Survey

From the Ashes: SOLE project

Under Our Wing: Knowledge which is required . . . Plato

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