Phoenix Parents in Profile: Alice

Alice has a daughter who’s now in Grade One. She heard about Phoenix Foundation when one of its co-founders spoke last year at a homeschooling group of which she was a member. She enrolled her daughter, Maggie, in kindergarten at Phoenix because of the flexible schedules offered.

“I was always committed to homeschooling my children, but I wanted Maggie to have an opportunity to develop more independence. Phoenix seemed like a natural choice, because I could be in the school if she needed me, without being right there in the classroom. As it turned out, after 20 minutes she completely ignored me and joined right in with the other kids!

“Now she’s in a half-day-a-week Grade One class. So I’m still in the school, but instead of being there mainly to provide her with some security, I’m there to visit with other moms, get social support, and trade ideas. And she loves getting out of the house to mingle with other children.

“Phoenix is different because it’s more than a school. You tend to build this sense of community. Now my son is getting ready for Phoenix kindergarten next year, and knowing the kindergarten teacher already, I’m confident he’ll enjoy the experience as much as Maggie has.”


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